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27/10/2011 Where to find a language course in Moscow

Where to find a language course in Moscow Expatica presents its list of language schools in Moscow, as well as where to take competency tests.

05/10/2011 Language learning for adults and how to make it work

Learning Languages Almost all the adults I know think learning a new language in adulthood is impossible. A new foreign language can be difficult to learn, and...

04/10/2011 Introducing Languages in Moscow

Read Expatica's short introduction to our Languages section for Moscow to find out where you can learn Russian and how fellow expats are...

27/04/2011 How expats are learning the local lingo

How easy is it to learn the language of your host country? Do locals lend a helping hand, and are they patient enough? Here are the results of our...

12/11/2010 Russian medical dictionary - body parts

Here is a short list of medical terms that could come in handy when you have a doctor's appointment.

03/11/2010 Expat children and language learning

Is your child already speaking the local lingo? Psychologist Kate Berger looks at why this is an issue deserving particular attention for expat...

17/09/2010 The Expatresse: Learning to read Russian

The Expatresse is finally making some progress in Russian. It's not much for now, but at least she can read some signs while walking on the...

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Groups and clubs in Moscow

Groups and clubs in Moscow

Here’s a list of some of the groups and clubs that you can join while staying in Moscow.

Women's groups and clubs in Moscow

Women's groups and clubs in Moscow

Here are some of the many women's groups and clubs in the city.

Editor's Guide: Lifestyle in Moscow

Editor's Guide: Lifestyle in Moscow

Here's an introduction to our Lifestyle section for Moscow, from dating in the age of social media to shopping and gardening.

Editor's Guide: Getting Started in Moscow

Editor's Guide: Getting Started in Moscow

Here's a brief guide to Getting Started in Moscow, from where to go for visa and banking info to handling Russian business culture and managing a Moscow culture shock.